Facts to know about International Dyslexia Association

International Dyslexia Association

International Dyslexia Association or the IDA is an organization headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. The IDA is a scientific and educational research organization which is working in the field of different kinds of learning disabilities, prominently including Dyslexia.

International Dyslexia AssociationThe International Dyslexia Association is the oldest organization in this field with more than eight thousand members. The majority of the members of IDA are associated with the education in some way. Rest of the members are people who are themselves suffering from Dyslexia or they are the parents of Dyslexic children.  The IDA works on a non-profit basis. The IDA has a vast network of 44 branches all over the US and Canada. It also has around 21 associates in 18 countries around the globe.

Focus Areas of International Dyslexia Association

IDA channels its resources in four different vital areas related to (i) Support, (ii) Information and Recommendation, (iii) Parent Support and Outreach, and (iv) Principles and Practices for Service Providers.

Outreach activities of International Dyslexia Association

As the International Dyslexia Association is a trusted organization whose main focus of is on the different aspects related to Dyslexia, the IDA receives and answers more than forty thousand telephonic/personal inquiries through its head office every year. Besides this, the IDA website is estimated to attract and provide useful help to more than a million visitors in a year.

The different branches of the IDA also regularly carry out different outreach programs for the people suffering with Dyslexia. These outreach programs also serve the families of Dyslexic people by providing them with the much needed support.

The IDA has also maintained a comprehensive database of specialists of Dyslexia. A number of publications including books, periodicals, journals etc. are also taken out by the IDA, which cover practically anything and everything related to Dyslexia.

The IDA also holds an annual conference devoted to Dyslexia at its headquarters wherein leading experts gather and share their important/useful experiences and findings with everyone else. This conference is considered as the most important conference by doctors and specialists associated with Dyslexia in any manner.

Funding of International Dyslexia Association

The IDA has not secured any government funding. Membership fees, grants (foundation as well as fresh ones), private donations, sales of publications, the annual conference, referral services and similar activities make up the funding of the IDA. Almost all the Board members are volunteers who provide their professional experience and services free of cost to the IDA.

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