How to make your small kids study?

How to make your kids study? 

Well, it is a Question which gives us the severest of headaches, won’t you agree? Or is it the answer to this question that has led us to so many sleepless nights? However, having spent the whole day at school sitting and studying, it is last thing in the world the kids want to do. So, expect them to NOT STUDY.

Here is what experts have to say on making our kids study:

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1. DEVELOP A ROUTINE – It may take initial effort to sit with the child at a fixed time for a fixed duration. The child may resist in the beginning but in a couple of weeks or so, the routing sets in. Persist and insist upon the schedule. Soon the kids accept it and it becomes a habit.

2. PRESS THE ALARM BUTTON – Children become deeply engrossed while playing, watching cartoons or what ever activity that is occupying their attention. Suddenly making them withdraw from that activity will lead to resistance. So, it might be a good idea to give them a five minute alarm – Son, 5 more minutes for study time. It helps.

3. IT IS YOUR CHOICE, DEAR! – Allow the child to be part of decision making  – Let him/her decide when he/she wants to study a subject. Do not force, be flexible. It is not a good idea to make the kids study before their favorite cartoon show, you already know! Let them choose the time, place and subjects. They will own the schedule as it is their own choice, not a forced one.

4. REWARD  – It is OK to give monetary incentives or chocolates when they complete their homework in time, but not always. If it becomes practice, it may be very harmful as it brings the focus to short terms gains.  Appreciate their efforts as if they have achieved something personally . You may say – “If you can always solve all sums in time as you did today, you are going to be a favorite of maths teacher”.

5. MONITOR, DO NOT ASSIST – After all, it is their homework, not yours. Let them do it themselves. If they don’t do it right, make them do it again. Utilize this time to finish your household chores. Sitting beside the kids and correcting their mistakes makes them dependent on you. When they have to repeat the assignments, they soon realize the importance of doing it right, first time. Also, repeating the work means they get to play less or watch less cartoon shows. This also makes them realize importance of time.

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