We know that certain colors enhance our personality and look great on us where as others make us look dull. But the question remains – which are the colors that suit us most? Well, the answer may be hidden in our Skin Tones. Experts suggest that matching the dress color with our skin tone may help us select the right cloths. In other words, we should give more importance to the color of the dress then to its price tag.

There are three types of Skin Tones in general – Cool, Warm and Neutral.

1. WARM SKIN TONE – Warm Skin Tone generally means golden undertone. The colors you should look for are earthy ones like Orange, Yellow, shades of Brown and yellowish Green if you have the warm Skin tone. Ivory will suit you better than pure white and Black should preferably be avoided.

2. COOL SKIN TONE – Cool Skin Tone means pink undertone. You should consider rich colors like Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black and Red. It will be better if Beige, Orange and Gold are avoided.

3. NEUTRAL SKIN TONE – Having a neutral Skin Tone means you can wear almost any color. No wonder, if others feel envious of you!

How to know our skin tone? Now, that is easy! First, you can take the quick Gold & Silver test.

SILVER & GOLD TEST TO KNOW YOUR SKIN TONE – Stand in front of a mirror and wear some Silver and Gold jewelry, one at a time. If your skin looks great against silver jewelry you have cool Skin Tone and if it looks good with gold jewelry, you have warm Skin Tone.

Darker skin tends to have warm undertone like gold and fairer skin tends to have more of pink or cool undertone.

You can also determine your Skin Tone by Color Test.

COLOR TEST TO KNOW YOUR SKIN TONE – There are three primary colors Red, Yellow and Blue. Stand in front of a mirror and hold a yellow cloth in front of you. If your skin blushes with yellow you have Warm Skin tone and if it seems to go well with a blue cloth, you have a Cool Skin Tone.

Another method is by inspecting the color of veins in your arm. If the veins seem bluish in color, you have a cool skin tone and if they appear to be greenish, you have a warm skin tone.

If you are unable to determine the Skin tone by above methods then you have, in all probability, Neutral Skin tone. That should definitely make you delighted as you can wear almost any color and look stylish and beautiful.

These are general guidelines given by experts which should help you win admiration for your wardrobe.

Happy shopping!

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