These days we seem to get a lot of advice from experts about why pampering is harmful for our kids. Here is a summary of what they have to say on the subject of pampering:

Pampering means to treat the child with excessive indulgence. There is no demarcation between loving and pampering. We should be very careful about pampering because our excess love can spoil our kid’s future. Love and Discipline go hand in hand in giving the child right values and guidance.

Why do we pamper our kids?

1. ONLY CHILD FAMILY: Slowly we are also heading towards a one child family system. As a result, parents nowadays lavish all their love and money on that only child. We want to fill our kid’s space by expensive gifts. We also tend to fulfill their each and every demand to make them feel loved.  This is excess pampering. We should not pamper them when not required. Unknowingly, we pass the message that everything will come easy for them. They will never learn the value of money.

2. OVER PROTECTIVE ATTITUDE OF PARENTS: Having only one or two kids has made the parents possessive and overprotective towards them. We want to give our kids all luxury at our disposal. Extreme examples are arranging a separate transport for school for the kids instead of a school van. This type of luxury doesn’t let the kids learn the ground reality. This will restrict them in developing right attitude and skills that are needed for success in their future life.

3. WORKING COUPLE: Families where both parents are working, they have very little time to spend with their children. To compensate this, they just want to fulfill their demands whether right or not.

What happens when we pamper our kids?

1. PAMPERED KIDS MAY BECOME DOMINANT IN NATURE: Over pampered kids develop a very disrespectful behavior towards others. They become very dominant and retaliate at the slightest provocation. They tend to be disobedient. They develop a stubborn attitude which may make their life troublesome.

2. KIDS MAY DEVELOP LOW SELF ESTEEM: Sometimes we try to do make life of our kids easy by doing everything for our kids even if it means bringing them a glass of water from fridge or escorting to playground for grownup kids too. We think we are doing this out of our love but in reality we are making them too dependent. As a result child will not be able to develop self confidence and may develop a low self esteem. Such kids will not be confident enough to tackle the real life situations.

It’s not enough to just understand that over pampering can spoil our kid’s future. A little quality time spent with our kids can do wonders for their upbringing, if made a part of our routine. Our kids will not only feel loved but they will also be getting right values – the foundation for their bright future.

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