Graying of hairs is a common sign of ageing, but when it starts early, it is a cause of deep worry for most of us. Change in lifestyle has reduced the age of onset of gray hairs drastically. Even the school going children have gray hairs these days. Color of our hair depends on the density of a pigment called Melanin.  Higher the density of melanin, darker is the color of our hair. As we grow older, these pigment cells gradually start vanishing causing appearance of gray strands in our hair.

gray hairs

gray hairs

Though many other factors have an effect on graying of hairs, it is our genes which primarily determine when these gray hairs will show up.   There is no fixed way to stop graying but it can be delayed if some key issues are addressed properly.

Health issue:

1. Tension, worry, prolonged illness and shock may slow down the process of pigment formation. An effective remedy can be to learn and practice meditation and yoga which relaxes both, mind and body.

2. Malfunctioning of thyroid can also lead to graying of hairs. Timely and suitable medication for thyroid problem can reverse the process of graying of hair.

3. Smoking – studies have shown that smoking is responsible for early onset of graying of hair.

4. Pollution also severely affects health of our hairs and leads to hair loss and or graying of hairs.

Food issues:

1. Malnutrition and vitamin B12 deficiency also causes graying of hairs. We should take diet rich in protein, iron and iodine, which are essential for good hairs.

2. Vitamin B helps in secretion of oil and keeping the hair healthy & nourished. A bowl of yogurt, if added to our daily diet, is also very effective in keeping away the untimely graying as it is rich in vitamin B.

3. We should avoid junk and oily foods.

Home remedies which can help in reducing or reversing the graying of hair:

1. Take a cup of black tea. When cool, apply this to your hair roots and leave it for 10 to 15 min after shampoo. Rinse it with cold water. Hairs start becoming darker in color after regular use.

2. Washing your hair with butter milk also slows graying. It is a good conditioner also.

3. Soak 5 Amlas, 10 Shikakais and 4 Reethas over night. Boil them or pressure cook till one whistle. Mash after cooling down. Washing hairs with this homemade shampoo is the best remedy to make your hairs  healthy, look shiny and stop graying.

4. Scalp massage with a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil also checks graying of hair.

A little change in food habits, some meditation and use of natural remedies can save us from that touch of silver in our hairs which all of us want to keep away.  


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