Gold – Women’s best friend, forever

Remember wearing those dangling earrings which belonged to your mom? Well, I do remember as that was my first crush on the precious yellow metal like so many of us.

For most girls this love for Golden jewelry seems to grow in intensity with passage of time. And as grown up women, this jewelry collection becomes a matter of pride too.

gold is best friend of women

gold is best friend of women

But, is that all about Gold? The desire to look beautiful is certainly one of the most obvious reasons for women to own Golden jewelry and various ornaments, but there is a better reason to possess the yellow metal. Yes, you got it – SECURITY. It is ready cash. Old ladies of the house used to whisper in the ears of the new bride ‘Gold will help you in hard times’. This advice was really worth its weight in Gold.

But the best news is yet to come. Gold is the best investment you can make with your money. Just have a look at the figures below:

                    Year                Gold prices for 10gms

1971               Rs.   193

1981               Rs. 1800

1991               Rs. 3466

2001               Rs. 4300

2011               Rs. 26400

You don’t have to be a Warren Buffet to find out that investing in Gold will make you RICH. Icing on the cake is you don’t need brains of a financial wizard to invest in Gold or jewelry. If you love wearing jewelry, that should suffice! All you have to do is to buy as much Gold jewelry as you can.

Buying Gold coins is even better as they are easy to buy and store. Most of the Banks offer Gold coins with guaranteed quality. These Gold coins come in different weights so you can invest as per your savings.

In short, whenever you wear jewelry, you look beautiful, feel secured and are wisely invested, all at the same time.

So next time your husband refuses to buy you that stylish Golden Bracelet saying it is too costly, just ask him how his portfolio of stocks has fared recently compared to Gold?

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