Movies your kids will love watching this summer vacation

Summer vacations have started and kids are home. For mothers, this can be both, GOOD news and the BAD news! Good because you also get a break from the monotonous routine of days when kid’s schools are open and Bad because it is not easy to keep them engaged gainfully whole day. And certainly you can’t let them play those video games all day where your child kills 274 persons in less than an hour! Not my idea of a vacation, definitely.

kids movies

It is not easy to find something that keeps them involved without you standing guard and watching them. Well, here is a list of 10 children movies your kids will love. These have certain necessary characteristics like being interesting, funny, great musicals and with a POSITIVE MESSAGE, so important for children movies.

1. Despicable Me – Computer animated 3 D comedy film.

2. The Little Mermaid – based on a popular fairy tale

3. Kung Fu Panda – Computer animated action and comedy film. Winner of many 36th Annie Awards.

4. The Lion King – an Animated music adventure film

5. Wall-E –  computer animated romantic science fiction

6. How to train your dragon – 3-D computer animated fantasy

7. Finding Nemo – computer animated comedy-drama

8. Beauty and the Beast – animated musical fantasy.

9. The Incredibles – animated action comedy superhero film.

10. Shrek – Animated fantasy comedy film. 

11. cars – Computer animated comedy adventure film.

There are sequels to some of these films which are also a must watch.

I do believe the kids will love watching these movies. If you can join them, you will have a great time, too!

And yes, I did say a list of 10 kid’s movies. But, the ‘’Cars’’ is a too good movie to exclude from this list. Besides, this being vacation time, being accurate with numbers is not necessary!

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