A woman’s life today is full of stress due to various responsibilities she handles while running her home. If you are a working woman, your routine can be more demanding as you try to balance between job and your family. This leads to compound effect of emotional as well physical stress which is bound to take its toll on a woman’s health. These stresses, coupled with hormonal problems of women related to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause etc., seriously affect theirr health. In addition, modern life style also adds the pressure of looking fit and beautiful at all social meetings, leading to further stress.

yoga for women

yoga for women

Here is where Yoga comes to help a woman. If you practice Yoga regularly, you can stay healthy, both in body and mind. Apart from maintaining general good health, Yoga can be especially beneficial for women during menstrual cycle, pregnancy, backache and menopause etc.

Before we present specific Yogasanas (Yoga postures) for some women health problems, it is important to learn some basic things about Yoga exercises:

1.    It is advisable to start practicing Yoga under guidance of an expert Yoga teacher or join some classes, if you have not done Yoga exercises before.

2.    Start doing Yoga with an easy schedule and relaxed mental state. Allocate some time in your daily routine for Yoga and stick to it. Don’t try to overdo or accelerate the process of learning. Not only will you not get the desired benefits but practicing wrong Yoga postures can lead to some ill effects or injuries.

3.    Yoga exercises are never done in isolation. Usually, it is beneficial to practice a set of Yogasanas (yoga postures) as the combined effect of various poses brings better and faster results. A single Yoga exercise may benefit a few parts of the body but following a set of postures helps the whole body to heal, attain flexibility and become toned.

4.    Increase the timing and difficulty level slowly as per advice of the yoga teacher. As you master some Yogasanas (Yoga postures), learning other difficult Yoga postures will become easier and easier. This will also increase your confidence and satisfaction level, so necessary to keep practicing Yoga.

5.    Like all good things in life, practice Yoga has its side benefits. It leads the practitioner to a state of inner peace and equilibrium. In other words, mental health is also achieved as you attain a healthier body.


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