Back Ache during Pregnancy

It is most common to experience lower back pain or back ache during pregnancy. Some feel it more, some less, but every pregnant woman has to face it. The change in center of Gravity due to excess weight of baby is the main reason why pregnant women have to feel the lower back ache.

A pregnant woman can minimize the intensity of back pain if she takes care and follows some simple guidelines:

1. Good Posture – In order to balance the body, pregnant women tend to bend backwards to compensate the weight of the baby in front. This causes strain on lower back and leads to pain. You must :


  • Practice Standing up – straight and tall.
  • Do not allow your chest to drop. Hold your chest high.
  • Always keep your shoulders relaxed. Do not stoop.
  • Never cross your knees i.e locking of knees is very harmful.

While standing, keep your feet a little apart than the usual. While sitting, choose a chair with a good back rest.

2. Wear right shoes – High Heel and Flat shoes, both are a strict No No. About two inch high heel is generally advised. make sure that the shoes are comfortable while you walk.

3. Lift properly – Bending at waist while lifting causes extra weight on your back and enhances back pain. Avoid lifting heavy articles during pregnancy. Squat down and lift with the help of your legs, if you are lifting a heavy object.

4. Sleep on your side – Sleeping on your side, with knees bent, helps  a lot. You can also place a pillow between the legs or use a full body length pillow. This relieves the back ache a lot.

5. Gentle message – A gentle message of the back or applying ice packs helps reduce lower back pain.

6. Physical activity – Unless advised to take complete rest in some cases, it is always beneficial to be physically active during pregnancy as it keeps the muscles strong. A yoga session, a small walk or a relaxed swimming session can do wonders to your body.

Remember, lower back ache during pregnancy is something you must expect but never ignore! If, during any stage of the pregnancy you feel the back pain increasing or going out of control, you must approach your doctor immediately.

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