Tips for parents: Entertaining children without Toys

Tips for parents: Entertaining children without Toys

Women sometimes face a unique situation when they have to entertain the children in their home and there are no toys or not sufficient toys for all the kids. This may happen if your children have all grown up or you may not have kids yet. Sometimes, your friends or relative may visit your house with children or they may ask you to babysit their children. In such a scenario, entertaining kids without toys is not as easy as it seems.  Every child has a different psychology and different way to react to surroundings.

playing with kids without toysKeeping kids entertained can be a full time job.  Ask the children what they want to do first, or it they want to do something else.  There is no need to force a child to do a certain activity if they have their mind set on something.

Here are some ways to entertain children without toys and games to attract his attention:

Try Crafts & Paint for entertaining children without toys:

  1. By using Noodles or paper clips kids can make necklaces.
  2. Children of all ages enjoy magazine paper beads.  They love to make nice jewelry using old magazines.
  3. Marble painting, Spaghetti Paint, Bread paint, Pasta & Rice paint makes many different craft projects.  These unique paintings will excite the child.
  4. Coloring rocks also excite the kids.
  5. Use real leaves to make interesting leaf prints on paper.
  6. Making cards is a great way to have a creative session with the children.  Children can make beautiful cards for their parents.
  7. Spray paint can create masterpiece either on a piece of paper or on a patio.
  8. Children have lots of fun being creative making shapes with their own dough of clay.  A great way to keep them entertained for hours.
  9. Making a blanket fort is a great activity to keep kids busy for hours.
  10. Kids are always using their imaginations without any reason.  Jungle Safari crafts will not only keep the kids occupied, but stimulate their imaginations.  Safari binoculars are a fun craft and easy enough for kids to do themselves using two toiler paper rolls, stapler or masking tape, hole punch, yarn and black paint.

Try Baking for entertaining children without toys:

Baking with kids is a terrific way to have fun and crate quality time together.  Kids enjoy making and working with dough, cutting out shapes, decorating cookies and cakes and most of all, eating the delicious baking recipes they helped make.

Try Photography for entertaining children without toys:

Photography can also be fun activity for kids.  Ask them to take photos of their favorite things.  Challenge them to be creative.  You can also ask the kid to shoot as many different objects he/she can find of his/her favorite color. Kids can even shoot video and play on computer.  They love to see their creativity again and again on computer.

Some more ideas for entertaining children without toys:

Playing imaginative plays:

Children of all ages love to pretend.  As toddlers, they mimic things they see in everyday life.  They recreate familiar roles and events by imaginative play. You can play with them teacher-student, doctor –patient and mother-father role or even office-office.

Food guessing game:

To keep the kids occupied and happy, a guessing is relatively quiet and fun way of doing that.  Grab some food that the kid has to recognize, and blindfold the kid.  Give him/her each one piece of the same food at the same time and ask the kid to recognize it by tasting.

Dance with kids:

Dancing is easy great exercise and just plain fun for all ages.

Write story together:

Ask kids to write a story using their own imagination.

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