Tips for parents for Raising Disciplined Twins

Tips for parents for Raising Disciplined Twins

One of the hardest aspects of parenting knows how to discipline the children. When there are twins involved, you have the added responsibility of teaching the one who did not do anything his/her sibling did that the same mistake or act must not be repeated by him/her. Twins provide many challenges for parents and discipline is no exception.   Here are some ideas to keep in mind for raising disciplined twins:

discipline the twinsIdeas for Raising Disciplined Twins:

  • Set up rules and routines:  Having some basic rules in place helps twins understand what you expect of them.  Make rules and stick to them. Setting up consistent routines for daily activities like bed time, meal times, bath time and home work means everyone knows what to expect.  Having routines also helps children to feel secure.  Spending time with each child individually is vital.  Be an example to your children of the values you want to instill in them.
  • Acknowledge, encourage and praise:  Show your appreciation towards children’s efforts in meeting your expectations by praising and thanking them.  Your approval is great encouragement for kids.  Using an incentive plan can be useful for providing encouragement that is more tangible for kids to comply with the rules you set.
  • Treat them as individuals: All children have unique and different personalities, and need to be treated in a manner tailored to them personally. One twin might like television shows, while the other prefers to throw a ball around. Taking TV away from the child who never watches it might not stop the negative behavior you wish to disappear. It is easy to do a group punishment if you catch them both in mischief together, but it only actually punishes one and not the other. Plus, some children need a more direct or firm action to curb the behavior, and the more sensitive twin may be unfairly “over punished” if you do the same to both of them. It takes knowing your children’s needs and thresholds for strict discipline.
  • Use distraction to change your twin’s focus: If you sense frustration brewing, try to distract your twins.  Suggest a new activity or change location.
  • Controlling sleeps: Keeping your twins on the same sleeping schedule is the key to developing a healthy sleep pattern and giving you some hope of time off.  A quite, soothing bedtime routine such as a warm bath, a bedtime story and a quiet talk will help you prepare your twins for sleep.  This way you can keep yourself healthy and fit to control your twins.
  • Getting out with twins: Spending time outside gives your twins the chance to explore the environment and have adventures.  They can play favorite games, test their physical limits, express themselves and build their self-confidence.  Making time to visit your local park, oval or playground is a low-cost and easy option.  Your twins will probably have even more room to run around there.  It will give you an opportunity to walk to the park and get some fresh air to feel happy and relaxed from indoor environment.

Its never easy to raise a child in a disciplined manner. But if you are blessed with twins, it makes the task a little more difficult. However, twins do present you moments of happiness which parents of twins only know. Hope above tips for parents for raising disciplined twins help those lucky parents !

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