How to discipline your child without being too tough

How to discipline your child without being too tough

disciplining the child without being toughAn old saying is “Practice what you preach”. This is 100% applicable with us when we want to discipline our child. Instead we become crazy and start shouting at them. We don’t even take a second in behaving so rudely. This is what most of us do. If you behave in such an uncivilized way how can you think of disciplining your child? And then we claim that we put in great efforts in making our children disciplined. Instead, the point where such efforts are needed is “WE”.

The question, my dear friends, is how to discipline your child without being too tough. If we could make few changes in our behavior before teaching discipline to our child it would work wonders. Being too tough on your child is not going to make them disciplined. Instead they’ll become like you in.

Children can be disciplined by bringing-in the following little changes in your own behavior and you will be so glad to see the positive changes in your child. below are some tips on “How to discipline your child without being too tough“.

Keep your voice low : Shouting is a negative approach to child discipline

If you react very loudly on even minor faults of your child then it might work only for a few times. After that your child will become immune to your loud reaction and wouldn’t take you seriously. This will make you crazier and will loose your bonding with your child. On the contrary, your child would understand you better if you keep your volume down.

So before reacting, take a deep breath and get away from there. When you find your anger go away and feel calm, its time to talk with your child. Remember, you don’t want to place yourself in the bitter corner of your child’s heart.

Do not insist on admitting : Focus should be on not repeating the mistakes instead of admittance of fault

Calmly discuss the event and the undisciplined behavior with your child. But do not insist on admitting the fault. If you do, then it will create a negative feeling about you in your child’s mind.

Punishing is not the solution : Punishment is only ONE of the methods of child discipline !

disciplining the child without being tough2If you want to make your child disciplined, your goal should not be to punish your child, feel ashamed or apologize. If you do, then your child would not listen to you the next time. Punishing is not the solution. You don’t have to be tough while teaching your child good discipline.

Have patience : Only a disciplined approach by you will discipline the child

If you will behave well with your child it will definitely show you the positive results. But please don’t be eager to see positive changes in your child’s behavior. Have patience. You don’t have to give your child any capsule or injection of discipline. It will take some time but it will be fruitful and your child will definitely listen to you and behave in a disciplined manner. If you loose your patience, your child will loose his/her discipline.

Praise your child

Become a role model : Actions speak louder than words !
You don’t have to buy expensive gift every time your child shows discipline. Just praise your child by saying some good words i.e. good job done, well done, that’s very nice; and your child will feel proud and responsible. RememberChild discipline is a positive thing !

If you want your child to behave well, you need to yourself behave well. All your efforts to discipline your child will be wasted if you are not following the same rules. As a parent you need to become a role model for your child. Be polite and honest with your child. Only then he/she will listen to you and act like you. Practicing what you preach is very important.

Have strong relationship with your child

discipling your child without being too tough

If you have strong relationship with your child, he/she will definitely obey you. The child will trust you and firmly believe that you are right and he/she should do exactly what is being told.Watch Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Finally, do remember that no one is perfect in this world and all of the children cannot be alike. It is up to you to understand your child and act accordingly. First one needs to understand what the child is feeling like, what he is going through at the moment before judging his behavior and start on a discipline action plan.

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