Tips for parents : How to teach your child self-control

How to teach your child self-control

Self control is the key to a happy life. Whether it is adults or children, self controlled people are fully capable of making the right decisions and taking actions on those decisions. Such individuals can also avoid unnecessary stress. If your child is self controlled he/she may avoid difficult situations. Hence, self control is an important factor in attainment of success. Now, the question arises that how to teach your child self-control?

child self-control 1A child can learn self-control only if the parents also behave calmly in difficult situations. Only lecturing wouldn’t work. Impulsive behavior of parents negatively affects the behavior of the child too. The child learns to react in the same impulse way.

The following simple steps would help you help your child learn self-control.

1. How to teach your child self-control : Set some example for your child

A child behaves exactly in the same way as the parents. Therefore it becomes very important to set some good examples for your child. Let us take a scenario wherein while visiting a shopping mall you come across a pretty dress in a showroom which you can’t resist to buy but you already have more than a couple of the same type.

In such situations you will do a lot good if you set an example of self control in front of your child by not buying the appealing dress. You could then use that money in some important work and discuss your actions with your child. This way your kid will understand the value of your decision and will learn the same for his/her successful life. Be a role model for your kid.

However, don’t overdo and do not try to continuously control your child in order to teach self control. We have to be first in control of ourselves while developing self-control in our child.

2. How to teach your child self-control : Stick to your decision

This could another daily scenario wherein your child asks for a chocolate or a dress or some toy which you feel is not good for him/her or it is something that your child already has. You should explain your child the reasons for not accepting the wish, and also very firmly make your child understand that you are not going to buy it.

At this time your child might loose temper, get annoyed or start yelling for the thing, but you should stick to your decision. This would inculcate some degree of self-control in your child and also make him/her understand that screaming/crying is not going to work at all.

However, if you change your decision, your child would never understand the value of your decision and would always take your decisions for granted.

If your kid is too young, you can try to distract his/her mind by indulging the child in something else.

3. How to teach your child self-control : Praise your child

child self-control 2If your child handles a difficult situation with a cool mind without any fuss, always praise your child. Tell your child that he/she has behaved like confident and wise adults. Encourage your child to behave like this every time on facing a tricky situation.

Also explain your child that taking any rushed decision may cause trouble and decisions taken with cool mind are good for everybody.

These actions will really help your child in developing self control.

4. How to teach your child self-control : Tell your kid the benefits of self-control

Everybody knows that a self-controlled person lives a happy and balanced life. You could therefore give examples of self-controlled persons around you to your child. You should tell your kid the benefits of self-control and that it leads to a balanced, healthy, wealthy and happy life.

5. How to teach your child self-control : Involve your child

Ask your child to help you. Some times give your simple responsibilities to conduct a particular job according to their age. You should also involve your child in taking simple decisions regarding household activities, buying a new television and things like these. This will require your child to take decisions. Also make sure that you apprise your child with the outcome of his/her decision. Throughout this process you can help your child in making any decision.

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