How to teach my son to respect women?

How to teach my son to respect women?

How to teach my son to respect womenWhen I was young, there lived a family in our neighborhood where the father was always cursing the mother on one pretext or the other. He also used to beat her a lot. The couple had two sons and both of them too never spoke well about their mom. At one time I even heard that the sons also cursed their mother. However, that family never prospered. Obviously no one in that family ever asked the question – How to teach my son to respect women?

It is very important to respect women. And I am not saying this because I myself am a woman. I feel that women are in need of respect from the society in general and their families in particular. Women are the pillars of our society. If women are respected, only then can we can think of a society with a healthy state of mind.

How to teach my son to respect women? – Tell him only coward boys don’t respect women

I am a mother of an eight year old son. He has been told by us that if you are a brave boy then you will always respect women/girls. My son appreciates the fact that only coward boys don’t respect women.

How to teach my son to respect women? – Tell your husband He has to be a role model

Only a father can teach a son to respect women. Most of the things a boy learns in his life are just by seeing his father. If the son will see his father respecting the mother, wife, sister or any other female, he will also do the same when he grows up. With the father as a role model, our sons would easily understand that respecting the women is same as respecting their own mother and sisters.

How to teach my son to respect women? – Discourage anything not showing respect to women

There are many things which present women in bad light like magazines, movies, TV programs, songs etc. Viewing such things conveys a message that this is OK. You must stop your son from being part of such things.

Tell your son that is not the right thing and at our home we do not behave like this with our female members or female relatives, do we? It is just for the sake of cheap publicity that such things are presented. Depending on the age of the boys, we can discuss about vulgar display of women in magazines, TV and cinema that the depiction that women are just objects of desire and nothing else is wrong and detrimental to healthy thinking. This should be strictly prohibited.

Such things must not become a source of entertainment at your home. Once you are able to comprehensively convey your message to your son, he will properly understand the situation and probably would not indulge in any such activity outside of the home.

How to teach my son to respect women? – Shun aggression towards women

If your son witnesses other male members in your house controlling female members by their loud aggressive voice and even with violence, he would learn the same thing and in his later life apply it when things are not happening as per his wishes. Hence your husband and other male members should be clearly told to shun aggression while speaking with ladies of the house.

Use of foul language for women should be totally avoided.

How to teach my son to respect women? – Motivate your son to have girls in his circle

How to teach my son to respect womenMost of the boys have only boys in their friend circle till they are kids. Being a responsible mother you must motivate your son to have girls in his friend circle. It will teach him to feel comfortable and respect girls from a very young age which will be useful when he grows up.

Just think – If a mother will not teach her son to respect women, who else will? And more importantly, who else can?


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