How to stop your twins from fighting all the time?

How to stop your twins from fighting all the time?

 how to stop twins from fightingBeing blessed with twins is an joyful feeling for a mom. However soon this joy turns into a nightmare as twins grow up and start fighting all the time. To discipline your twins becomes a real challenge.

In fact, it is very common to find the twins are fighting most of the time. This is because of their genetic composition and this results in their wanting the same thing at the same time. However, things become easier as the twins grow older. But the main problem is faced when they are toddler or kids. The house becomes a fighting ground and it is very irritating for the parents especially the mom. At times moms are at their wit’s end on how to discipline the twins and stop them from fighting all the time.

Here are some tips to avoid your house from becoming war zone. Hope this will help you out in  stopping your twins from fighting all the time.

How to stop your twins from fighting – Be with them

When your twins start playing, make sure to be with them initially. This way you can ensure that if one baby hits the other you are there to interfere and instill peace. This is important because at times hitting each other would itself be treated as being some kind of a game. Spend time with your twins regularly to teach them that such actions are not be repeated.

How to stop your twins from fighting  – Educate about sharing

When your twins are playing together, educate them about sharing their things.
Ask them to exchange their toys. This will develop the habit of sharing among them. There may be some instances that they wouldn’t want to share. Handle such situations very calmly and teach the benefits of sharing using playful activities.

How to stop your twins from fighting  – Never buy double. Ask your twins to share the things/toys and reward them with praising words when they follow you.

How to stop your twins from fighting  – Do not overreact

When a child hits the other, do not overreact in a negative tone saying “No”. He/she must not get the attention. If he/she is irritating the other child by repeating the actions, then instead of ignoring tell him/her politely to behave nicely. If he/she follows your command, then do appreciate him/her by saying ‘good baby’ or ‘that’s good’. It will teach your child that he/she will get the attention only when he/she will behave properly.

How to stop your twins from fighting  – No negative comparisons

twinsThough they are twins but their nature or qualities are not same. One may be good in music and other may be good in academics. Don’t just motivate by giving the example of the child who is good in academics to other twin. No negative comparisons should be made between the twins. It will give the feeling inferiority to the other child and will always fight.

How to stop your twins from fighting  – Provide equal attention

One child may be a little weak and other may be healthy or there may be some other differences.  But you should provide equal attention to both of them. Since, they are of the same age none of them would like less attention and care and the feeling of being an unwanted child. If this happens then the supposedly less fortunate child would leave no chance of fighting with the other twin in your absence.

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