How to develop high self-esteem in children

How to develop high self-esteem in children

How to develop high self-esteem in childrenSelf-esteem:  Self-esteem is like the foundation of any infrastructure that is built first-most. If your child has high self-esteem he will be very successful in his/her life and if not, though he/she might otherwise be very intelligent, wouldn’t be too successful. Self esteem can be developed from the infancy of our child and only parents with high self-esteem can develop it into their child. Parents with negative attitude cannot develop high self-esteem in children.

High Self-esteem is very important for raising a happy child.

Developing high Self-Esteem in Children: It is human nature to learn things by mistakes. The children learn simultaneously while doing different things. Children also commit accidental errors/mistakes while doing things. This process of learning through mistakes helps in developing a high self-esteem. Hence children should be encouraged to do things. We must remember it is their learning period and it is not necessary that they are always successful. Children with high self-esteem think positively and lead a happy life, whereas low self-esteem children have negative thinking and are always frustrated. Therefore, encouragement is the key for developing a high self-esteem in your child.

If you want your child must have high selfesteem then you must have it first. If you are not sure about your abilities, your child will also develop the same feeling about himself/herself.

Happy Environment is key to debelopment of high Self-esteem in children

Home is the first school of any child and a happy environment at home makes your child feel free to ask or share anything. They will be able to discuss their achievements as well as their problems. So a happy environment will help you in developing your child’s high self-esteem.

Love and admiration help Children acquire high Self-esteem

It is not necessary to give any material gift to your child for his/her good deeds. Your love and admiration is enough for your kid. It will enhance your child’s high self- esteem.

Praise your child, but don’t overdo it. Having an inflated sense of self can lead kids and teens to put others down or feel that they are better than everyone else, which can be socially isolating.

Be cautious with your words – Negative words can kill Self-esteem

Your words make a lot difference to your child and hence you should be cautious with your words. A thing said in a positive way will show its positive effects whereas negativity will always result in negative effects. If your child has not performed well in something you must tell him/her that he/she did make a good attempt but next time a little more hard work will definitely improve the outcome. Don’t blame your child directly for not being able to produce desired results. That is a sure way to not to develop high self-esteem in your child!

Never Compare: It is harmful to your child’s self-esteem

Never compare your child with others. The other child may not have those qualities which your kid has. Always keep in mind that everyone is unique and therefore you should never compare. If you will compare your child with others, it will develop an inferiority complex and will result in a poor self-esteem in your child.

Talking with your child about the daily activity will help you to understand your child better. There might be some misconceptions developing in his/her mind about that could be a hurdle in developing self-esteem. Your daily interactions with your child will surely clarify all such misconceptions.

You may ask your child to help his/her younger siblings in studies or any other work. This will make your child feel responsible and help in developing a high self-esteem.

No one is Perfect: pursuit of Perfection does not lead to high self-esteem

In this world, no one is perfect. If your child is not good in something, don’t let him/her feel bad about it. If negative thoughts about some activities develop in their mind, they will hesitate in experimenting new things. Instead help them in improving upon their weakness and praise them for their hard work. Keep telling your child that he/she is special and you love him/her.

Get professional help

If above tips are not working it is better to see a child doctor or counselor. There they will be able to understand your child better. The child may have problem with his/her friend, teacher or home. The doctor would discuss all such probabilities and provide some solutions which will help to develop high self-esteem in your child.

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