How to make my daughter feel comfortable with Acne?

How to make my daughter feel comfortable with acne?

acne problemAmong the many teenage problems, acne is a major one. Acne happens due to hormonal changes in the body associated with growing up. But because it happens at the most visible part of the body compromising the appearance of the child, it is the most scarring experience. In fact, acne is the worst problem faced by growing kids. As girls seem to be more cautious about their looks, it affects them more socially and emotionally. Some girls go through mild and some with severe acne problem. Another consequence of acne is it decreases the confidence and make them feel embarrassed. As a mother, it is our responsibility to give support and ease to her during this hard period. So, let us find the answer to question – How to make my daughter feel comfortable with Acne?

Find out why she is suffering from Acne?

First and foremost gain knowledge and update yourself with the causes and treatment for acne. This will help you in providing emotional as well as healing support to your daughter. This can be done using the internet and other resources. It is important to know why your daughter is suffering from Acne, both for you and your daughter.

Talk to your daughter

Talk to your daughter about her acne problem. Explain her that most of the girls have this problem during this age. Try to understand what and how she is feeling about it. May be you can help in clearing her doubts. Ask her if she is under some stress, positive or negative feelings she is having during those days. She may also experience other hormonal changes in her body during this time.

Provide emotional support

Your daughter will be unhappy during this period due to her looks. Provide emotional support to her. Explain to her that it is a passing phase and things will get better in a short time. Too much of stress will increase the acne problem. Provide her with some examples of your own or other female members and relatives in your family.

Teach her about hygiene

Teach her about hygiene to be followed during acne viz. cleaning and washing the face properly. Bad hygiene and acne problem go hand in hand. It will help in controlling the acne. You may take her to the skin doctor to get the best cleanser for her. Tell her about not to use quick relief products as they prove harmful in the long run.

Simple precautions and remedies

Inform her about simple precautions and home remedies for acne like not touching or rubbing the acne as it may leave the marks on skin. Not to apply too much of medicine/cleaner as it will make the skin dark, patchy or dry.

The girls are very impressed with the models and actresses and they want to look like them. Tell your daughter that makeup and special effects help such models to look like they do. The reality is totally different. Also tell your daughter about the importance of healthy food to reduce acne problem and avoiding fast food during acne.

If your daughter applies makeup then tell her to use water based makeup instead of oil based. Oil based makeup will increase the acne.

Take help of Physician

Though it is a common problem in young girls, sometimes the problem of acne may be severe and painful. Do not hesitate to take medical help and take your daughter to a physician. Timely treatment is important in most cases.

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