Parenting tips: How to discipline Teenage daughter?

How to discipline Teenage daughter?

discipline teenage aughterTeenage is a very fragile period for any girl. Hormonal changes take place during this period which results in bodily changes, moods and feelings. At this age children collect related information from different sources and act in a much undisciplined manner. At this time they also have pressure of their academics. Being a responsible parent it is our duty to discipline our Teenage daughters. As women we understand that during our Teenage we also went through this period and are fully aware of the feelings that are encountered during this time. Through this article I would like to provide some information on the problems and the solutions to discipline Teenage daughters.

Set limits

We have to set limits for their betterment and on breaking the rules they have to be punished, but not physically. If it is not done then they wouldn’t understand why the limits have been set. Let’s assume your daughter wants to attend a party, but being a parent you can’t allow her being late at home. So simply set a time limit by when you expect your daughter back home. If your daughter complies with the limit, it means she understands your botheration. Else cancel all her outings for the next two weeks.

Be firm with your decision

Don’t step back with your decision until and unless there is some strong reason. Once you do not remain firm with your decision, your daughter is going to blackmail you every other time. Don’t show your daughter your weakness. If you have said ‘no’ and other parent says ‘yes’ then you may understand what your daughter is going to do. She will always ask the other parent who most of the times says ‘yes’.

If there is something which is unacceptable i.e. alcohol or drug, firmly inform in advance that such things are unacceptable. Give her the reasons why such things are unacceptable.

Allow some experimentation

Teenage girls want to experience new trends and fashion. If your daughter asks for a new hair color or some funky outfit, let her do this once a while. Just tell her that overuse of chemicals is not good for the skin and hair. Don’t be harsh with such things. She is growing up wants to look good too like other Teenage girls. Allow some experimentation, only just keep a check too.

Be a role model

Set good examples by practicing what you preach. This would make your Teenage girl more disciplined. You want your Teenage daughter to be disciplined but if elders will not behave in the same way it sets a bad example. You should be a role model for your daughter.

Give responsibilities

Give responsibilities to your teenage daughter. Tell her about the results of undisciplined behavior. You are her mother and no one can tell her the right things then you. Talk about the decisions taken by her can result in both ways, good or bad and she is the one has to decide what is good for her. Tell her about alcohol, smoking, pregnancy etc. If she is aware of the result of such things from her mother, she would not indulge in such activities.

Get involved

To discipline teenage daughter, you must get involved with your teenage daughter. Go with her for her shopping, help in planning the party. If she is going for an outing with her friends, ask her with whom and where are they going? Ask her if she needs some type of help. Keep the communication going at all times.

Show interest in her activities. Be updated with new thing going on so that you can get involved in discussions within her peer group. Like this there will be a lot of transparency and she will never hide anything or will never behave in undisciplined manner. She knows that her mother support her in good activities and if there will be something wrong her mother will intimate her in advance.

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