Top 5 best Home remedies for Pollen Allergies

Top 5 best Home remedies for Pollen Allergies

Home remedies for pollen allergyNotwithstanding the associated beauty, the spring season could well be the worst season for people allergic to pollen; because this is the time of the year when such people find all types of pollen allergies affecting them. It is not necessary that if you are allergic to pollen then all types of pollen will affect you. One may be allergic to some particular type of pollen only and rest will not affect you. People suffering from pollen allergy usually try all sort of allergy medications for pollen allergy but the best allergy medicine for pollens is hard to find. Instead, most affected people resort to over the counter allergy medicine for pollen allergy which provide only temporary relief. However, home remedies for pollen allergies can be very effective in many cases and easy to apply.

Pollen Allergies are a form of seasonal allergies and happen due to an immune system mistake. When the pollen comes in contact with our nose or eyes, our immune system releases an antibody called immunoglobulin E to fight off the pollen allergen. In this released antibody, one of the chemical is histamine due to which we start having the symptoms of pollen allergy.

Symptoms of pollen allergy

Some of the most common pollen allergy symptoms include:

  • Sneezing, runny nose, congestion, dry eyes, itchy eyes, watery eyes and a sore throat.
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Cough

There may be other symptoms but above are the most common symptoms of pollen allergy.

Causes of pollen allergy

At the time of spring when plants are pollinated, the pollen comes in contact of our nose or eyes. At this time our immune system releases the antibody to fight with this pollen. In these antibodies one of the chemical histamine causes the symptoms of allergy. So now we know what causes pollen allergy – Histamine.

Home Remedies for pollen allergies

Pollen allergies can be quite easily controlled and cured with the use of specific home remedies for pollen allergies. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that home remedies for pollen allergies are the most effective treatment for seasonal allergies due to pollens.  These pollen allergies home remedy can be a very simple prepare with easily available/daily use ingredients and provide a lasting cure.

Given below are a few home remedies which are very helpful in curing pollen allergies:

  • Take 250 ml. of water and add 1 to 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar. Drink the mixture as soon as you feel the starting of allergy. It will give you relief from the allergy symptoms. You may also use tea or juice in place of water. Don’t drink too much as vinegar is acidic. This is a very popular and effective Home remedy for pollen allergy.
  • If you are prone to regular pollen allergy then start eating 2 tbsp. of local honey on a daily basis. You should begin this ritual at least two months before the start of the spring season. This home remedy acts as a natural barrier for the pollen allergies.
  • Eat hot and spicy foods like cayenne pepper, ginger, onion, garlic etc. It will clear your nasal cavity so that you can breathe easily. You may laugh at this thought, but dear friends, this is the best and most simple (if you may say so), home remedies for pollen allergies. It will help pollen to get out of your nose and eyes.
  • Increase the intake of vitamin C. Consume fresh citrus fruits to reduce of allergy symptoms. You may take oranges, limes, lemons, lemonade.
  • Consume allergy fighting nutrients like apples, red wine and onions.

DOs with Home remedies for pollen allergies

  • Rinse your nose with home made saline (water with a pinch of salt) to dilute mucous and get the pollen out of your nasal cavity.
  • Apply eye drops to reduce the irritation in eyes due to pollen allergy.
  • Keep your home dry. You may use a dehumidifier to keep your home dry.

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DON’Ts with Home remedies for pollen allergies

  • Avoid eating bananas, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, chamomile as these can worsen your allergic symptoms.
  • Keep your windows closed during allergic season
  • Instead of fans use air conditioner to cool your home
  • Stay away from pets as their fur may bring in the pollen.
  • Dry your clothes in dryer instead of drying outside. They may bring the pollen in your home.
  • Avoid moving outside early in the morning. Pollen is most widespread.
  • When moving out in allergic season cover your nose with a mask and eyes with sunglasses.
  • Change your clothes when you come back home.
  • Don’t rub your eyes as they may worsen your symptoms.

If the pollen allergy is not treated properly, it may lead to allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis treatment may be long and very costly. So it is advisable that Pollen Allergy Home remedies be used to cure and control pollen allergy.

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