Major Causes of Dyslexia in Children

Major Causes of Dyslexia

Major Causes of Dyslexia in ChildrenResearchers have pondered a lot over the causes of Dyslexia. There are a lot of hypotheses on exactly what causes Dyslexia. All these hypotheses comment on different reasons as being the possible causes of Dyslexia. However, all these hypotheses do concur at one factor as being one of the most probable causes of Dyslexia, and that is related to the genes.

It is believed that genetic transfer of this condition from the parents to their off-springs is the most common cause of Dyslexia. Through the different scale of researches that have been carried out in this field, it has been established that a particular gene is responsible for the condition of Dyslexia.

When Dyslexia happens to be the results of this genetic malfunction, then many members of the affected family face this condition. Also, these people then become an active reason for transferring Dyslexia genetically to their children too. So, nothing much can be done to prevent Dyslexia when it is a result of genetic transfer.

The following are the other major causes of Dyslexia:

Dyslexia in its simplest forms results is difficulties related to reading, writing, speaking and learning of things. This happens because the portion of the human brain that is responsible to carry out these phonetic, writing and learning tasks effortlessly does not function properly. It has been found that differences do exist in the brain structure of a dyslexic and a non-dyslexic person. These differences are more prominent in the left portion of the brain.

Now, since the left portion of the brain is associated with the functions relating to reading and writing, a person with a deformed left brain region finds it difficult to perform such functions, or we can say that the brain of such a person is not able to carry out these functions properly. This deficiency also makes pronunciation of similar sounding alphabets and rhyming words a real difficult task. The portion of the brain that is responsible in making reading, writing and other associated tasks look simple is the cerebellum. When there is some kind of deformity in the cerebellum, it causes Dyslexia.

The cerebellum also coordinates the motor and muscle movements of our body. Hence when the cerebellum is negatively affected, our body finds even simple coordination of the muscles of the eyes and mouth as being too complicated. Thus a Dyslexic person finds reading and writing with speed too difficult. The person’s hands, eyes and thoughts fail to coordinate among themselves with a defective cerebellum.

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