Toilet Etiquette for Men and Women (bathroom etiquette)

Best Toilet Etiquette for Men and Women

Toilette etiquetteToilet etiquette? Why should something so mundane and so routine we have been doing since childhood ( and doing incorrectly and not in best manner most of the time !) deserve an article? To be honest, it does ! In fact, if you ask individually, many a men and women find it most offending to use an unclean toilet. Amazingly enough, people like to use a clean toilet but seldom do they leave it clean for others. Keeping toilets (specially public toilets) clean is not so difficult if we follow some basic toilet etiquette or bathroom etiquette.

Toilet etiquette for Men

Men, in particular, are found wanting in their bathroom etiquette. However, it is never late to mend manners. Start today:

  • Always lift the seat before urinating. Read it again – always lift the seat before urinating!
  • After urinating, always flush the toilet. If flush is not working, find a bucket of water. It’s your duty to wash away what you left there.
  • Never urinate against the wall in a public place. The stench is awful and horrible.

Toilet etiquette for Women

  • Always leave the seat dry after you have used the toilet.Use some toilet paper or tissue paper to wipe off the drops on seat.
  • Never flush used tampons down the toilet. The tampons simply clog the drains. Tampons should be left in papers bags or bins in toilets.
  • Do not throw tissues and other such things (sanitary napkins included !) in to a toilet.

Basic Toilet etiquette for Men and Women

  • One must leave the basin area dry. Use a tissue paper or paper towel. No one likes to use a basin which is all wet and littered.
  • Try to keep the toilet floor dry. If water or urine got splashed on the floor, mop the floor or ask an attendant to do it. Always tip the attendant.
  • If you or someone has vomited in to toilet, ask an attendant to clean it up. Remember – he deserves a tip for cleaning your mess.
  • Do not waste or overuse tissues, towels or over-stuff bins.

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