Famous people with Dyslexia and learning disabilities

Famous people with Dyslexia and learning disabilities

Going by the results that have been arrived at by the different researches and studies undertaken in the field of Dyslexia, it has been estimated that around six percent of the total world population suffers from this condition. Besides this, an estimated fifteen to twenty percent of the world population does have certain symptoms related to Dyslexia.

world famous dyslexic person EinsteinWe all believe in the cliché that ‘when God takes something from us, He gives us back something as compensation’. And this really holds true with regards to Dyslexic people. I mean it is now a well known phenomenon that a large number of people who suffer from Dyslexia have excelled in their respective fields and are in fact some famous Dyslexics. Such people have made their mark in almost all major fields, be it acting, designing, law, invention, science & technology, architecture, music, business and what not.

We provide below the list of some of such famous Dyslexics:

  • The first and on top of this list of famous people with Dyslexia can be the one and only great scientist and inventor, Albert Einstein. He suffered from Dyslexia and had a very bad memory. But nothing could stop him from giving us the much treasured and used laws of motion and a host of other discoveries.
  • Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of telephone is another famous dyslexic.
  • Leonardo da Vinci, the great scientist, mathematician, painter, sculptor, musician and writer.
  • Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and the phonograph.
  • Pierre Curie, a renowned Physicist and the 1903 Nobel Prize winner.
  • Woodrow Wilson, and
  • George Washington, the former Presidents of the USA.
  • Richard Branson, the English businessman who owns the Virgin brand.
  • Agatha Christie, the best selling English author.
  • Pablo Picasso, the great artist and painter.
  • Muhammad Ali, the great World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
  • B. Yeats, the famous poet.
  • Tommy Hilfiger, the successful fashion designer completes the lists of the famous Dyslexics.

Besides the above dyslexia famous people there are many other famous Dyslexics who have been very successful in whatever good they have done.

Celebrities with Dyslexia

Tom Cruise is DyslexicWe also provide below the list of some of the celebrities with Dyslexia. Going through the list, you would sure be spellbound as to the great heights of success such celebrities with Dyslexia have been able to scale, in spite of their shortcoming.

  • Tom Cruise. This famous Hollywood actor came over all hurdles in his life including poverty and Dyslexia to make a mark in his field and achieve huge success.
  • Whoopi Goldberg; another very successful Hollywood star. You would be amazed to note that she and her parents remained unaware of her problem of Dyslexia until she reached her teens.
  • Anderson Cooper; an American journalist who has scaled great  heights and currently anchors the widely acclaimed CNN show Anderson Cooper 360.
  • Orlando Bloom, is a successful Hollywood Star.
  • Keira Knightley, a successful Hollywood actor, found out early at age 6 about her being a Dyslectic.
  • Jay Leno, the widely acclaimed talk show host.
  • Bruce Jenner, is a successful former track and field athlete from USA. Presently he also stars TV reality show titled ‘Demystifying Dyslexia’. He is also a successful businessman.

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