Telephone Etiquette (Mobile Etiquette) : Tips for good Phone manners

Telephone Etiquette (Mobile Etiquette)

phone mannersPut simply, Telephone etiquette or manners mean being courteous to the person you are having a phone conversation with, showing politeness in your tone and words and allowing the other person enough time to communicate. Remember, it is not easy to communicate when face to face! So, when talking to someone over phone, do consider these things:

When making a Phone call, do consider these points:

  • Make a mental or a written list of all the points you want to cover, so that you do not have to Call twice.
  • Don’t call people at inconvenient hours when they might be resting that is, in the afternoons ( especially on Sunday) and late evenings.
  • When making international calls, calculate the time in the other country.
  • Introduce yourself right away if you are the caller. Don’t first ask, ‘Who’s speaking ?’ Say,” I  Am Devid Spenser calling from U.S. May I speak to John Carter?’
  • Ensure you’re speaking to the right person before going into your story; ‘Am I speaking to Mr. Jelley ?’or Is that Jonathan?’
  • Ask if the other person is free and can talk, saying , ‘Is this a good time to talk to you briefly?’
  • Be brief. Avoid long self introduction or small talk. Get to the point quickly.
  • Don’t talk in a loud voice. The phone’s microphones carry a normal voice very well.

When receiving a Phone call, do consider these points:

  • Introduce yourself as you answer the phone, ‘This is Diana’ or simply ‘Diana speaking’.
  • If the call is for someone else, don’t conduct a CIA enquiry ‘Who speaking? In what Connection?’
  • Don’t talk to others in room if you are talking on the phone.
  • If passing on the call to someone else, brief them first.
  • If taking a message, always write it down and repeat it for accuracy. Be sure to convey the message.
  • Return your missed calls and message. People should not have to call you over and over again.
  • Close the call on a pleasant note and in a pleasant voice. Keep your voice tones low at all time.

Some more tips for good Phone manners

  • Rid your mouth of food, gum, cough drops, or candy before talking on the phone – the receiver amplifies your noshing.
  • If, by mistake, you dial the wrong number, the receiver deserves a minute of your time. Apologize. Explain yourself and verify the phone number so you don’t repeat the call. Don’t simply hang up; that’s just being plain rude.

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