How to make my daughter not to feel embarrassed about her period

How to make my daughter not to feel embarrassed about her period?

I know when it happened to me the very first time, I too was very scared and stressed. The very thought of this monthly cycle made me feel very low. For a long time I used to feel very embarrassed about my periods.

Daughter embarrassed about menstruationMost of the girls wish this thing never happens.  Some are scared that it would start at anyplace and anytime and what would they do then. Very few girls take it enthusiastically with the thought that they are growing and they are no more kid.

Mothers have a very important role to play in making their daughters deal with the onset of their period. Though I had informed my daughter about this process well in advance, initially she felt very embarrassed during her menstruation. Now she is comfortable. The following definitely helped us.

Maintain secrecy about your daughter’s first periods

Your daughter’s first period makes her very confused about what’s going on with her body and she even does not want to disclose it. Being her mother you are her best friend and you have to be trustworthy. You also should maintain secrecy initially and don’t disclose it with anybody. After some time when she will be habitual it would not hurt even if someone comes to know about the changes in her body.

Provide emotional support. Its IMPORTANT !

Tell your daughter that your mom is there for her to support her. Whether she needs to buy pads/tampons or confide emotionally. If you provide emotional support, your daughter will confide in you and would not feel awkward. It will give your daughter a boost to come out from the associated embarrassment.

Advise your daughter to take precautions when she starts having periods

Ask your daughter to keep an extra pad in her bag. She can have an extra pair of panty or skirt/pants in her school locker because the periods may start even in school. Ask her to keep a pad even when she is out of home. If she takes these precautions there will no chance of an embarrassment. If she has smelly or heavy periods you may give her a menstrual cup to use. These are more hygienic, non-smelly and leak proof.

Talk with your daughter about her periods

To avoid embarrassment to your daughter don’t just stop talking about periods with her. At this stage she may also feel that she should not discuss it. Instead talk with your daughter about it. There may be some queries regarding menstruation. She will feel comfortable after talking to you. Make her feel comfortable in asking any questing related to this.

If she is worried about any trip during her periods tell her she does not have to worry about it. Medicine is available to delay the periods and they can be resumed once she’s back from the trip.

Tell your daughter to be Proud to be a woman

Tell your daughter that it is a healthy sign for any woman to have periods and hence there is no need to get embarrassed. She should be proud to be a woman. Tell her that you are happy for her having her first periods. This will make her confident and feel easy about it.

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