How to discipline my teenage son? A Mother’s dilemma

How to discipline my teenage son? A Mother’s dilemma 

How to discipline my teenage son? A Mother's dilemmaHave you ever noticed that we are always asking our teenage sons to slow down the volume of music player/TV, not to be late in the night, don’t stick to internet blah…blah…blah. Does it make any difference to him? Nothing. In particular, for a mom, it seems very frustrating when her teenage son refuses to pay heed to her advice. You feel that it is just a waste of time, energy and relationship. But you really can’t let it be. So what should we do to discipline our teenage sons?

Set the limits when trying to discipline a teenage son 

Make rules and set the limits and make it clear to him the result of breaking rules and that there would be no leniency in meting out the punishment. The punishment could include a ban on TV, internet, pocket money, outings etc.

Time is important 

Clearly tell your son that time once lost can never be had back. So he should utilize his time in the most efficient manner. As a teenager his focus should be on his target, whether studies or sports, since these are the things that would determine his level of success in life. Explain to him that it is the time of tough competition; if he will not behave in a disciplined way then he will have to struggle a lot in every sphere in the future.

Make him responsible

Give your son some tasks and ask him to complete without reminders. If he does it, praise him by preparing his favorite dish. Completing such tasks would make him responsible and slowly he will adapt this in nature. Tell him clearly that if he will not become a responsible boy he will have to be ready for the bad consequences.

Change yourself

You also have gone through this period. As a teenager you too never liked too many restrictions and all these things just vanished as we grew-up. Therefore change yourself. You will have to be patient during his indiscipline but understand that your son is in the growth phase. Participate in his activities but not too much.

Be strict but not too much

Be strict with your son but not too much. If you will be very strict then he will have an urge to break the rules. At the same time if you are too lenient then he will not follow the rules seriously. And both the conditions will make him undisciplined. So, try to balance it, not too strict and not too soft. It will take some time but the results will be good.

Meaning of freedom

If your son complains that you do not give him enough freedom, tell him the right meaning of freedom. Tell him that freedom can be given if things are done in a disciplined manner. Tell him that things done with indiscipline have negative consequences. If he is ready for that he is ready to do whatever and in the manner he wants to. If you teach him in this way, you son is definitely going to behave as a disciplined teenager.

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